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Mice and Rat Control

Mice and rat infestations are not only a health hazard but can cause significant damage to properties. 

However, if you already have a problem and you need urgent help, our rat and mice control specialists can be with you that same day to eliminate the pests.

All rats removal and mice removal services are carried out by trained and experienced pest control professionals who have in-depth knowledge of rodent behaviour and the most efficient techniques.

We’ll carry out a thorough inspection of your property to identify the extent of the infestation and locate entry points. Once these are determined, our technicians develop a customised plan tailored to your specific situation. Xpress Pest Control professionals can provide valuable advice on maintaining a rodent-free environment.

There’s no call out charge and we can quickly and efficiently deal with your rat or mouse problems. Call us for a no-obligation quote or to book an appointment with our mouse or rat control specialists in your area.

We’re also here if you need us in an emergency, with specialists on hand 24/7* if you need help urgently.


If you want some advice, our expert advisors are on hand 24/7* to help. They can talk through your problem and give you a free, no-obligation, estimate based on your specific situation. Or take a look at our frequently asked questions below and see how our professionals can help you.

Do you offer a guarantee?
Xpress Pest Control pest control offers a guarantee that will vary in length depending on the nature of the pest problem and the treatment being used. In some cases we are unable to offer a guarantee, for example treating during sub-optimal weather conditions, but the technician will talk you through this so you are aware before any work starts.
Do mice carry diseases?
Mice faeces and saliva can spread bacteria, such as hantavirus and salmonellosis, contaminate food and surfaces and give you allergic reactions. Dried mouse faeces can be harmful if breathed in and is particularly problematic for asthma sufferers.
What are the signs of a mice infestation?
Common signs of a mice infestation include small droppings, chewed wires or furniture, scratching noises in walls or ceilings, and the presence of nests made of shredded materials.
Why is rat removal necessary?
Rats can carry various diseases, contaminate food and damage structures by gnawing on wires, pipes and building materials. Rat control is necessary to protect your property from damage caused by rats, prevent potential health risks associated with their presence, and avoid the spread of diseases which occurs through their droppings and urine.
Can I remove mice or rats on my own?
It's often challenging to fully eradicate rats without professional expertise. Rats are intelligent and elusive creatures, requiring specialised knowledge and techniques for effective removal. With both mice and rats, professional help is the best way to prevent them returning.
What is rat and mice proofing?
Rat and mice proofing involves identifying and sealing off potential entry points that rodents could use to access your property, preventing them from getting inside. Our rat and mouse proofing services are a proactive and effective way to prevent rodent infestations.
Is your professional rat and mouse proofing effective in the long term?
Yes, when performed by experienced technicians, rat and mouse proofing can be highly effective in the long term. By addressing potential entry points and vulnerabilities and looking at control our services can help create a good future defence against rodent infestations.

Answered your question?

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Mice Treatment

If you’re faced with a mouse problem, getting help from trained pest control experts is crucial. Mice can quickly reproduce and cause significant damage to structures and belongings. 

Our professional mice removal services are dedicated to managing and eliminating mouse infestations in your property. We ensure you have a mouse-free environment and help prevent problems recurring.

Rat Treatment

Rats can be highly destructive, carry diseases and contaminate food and surfaces with their droppings and urine. Our professionals can develop a targeted plan to address the infestation and implement measures to stop future infestations.

Our rat control services provide you with peace of mind, knowing that your property is protected from the damaging and unhygienic effects of rat infestations.

Squirrel Treatment

Squirrels are charming and acrobatic creatures, but their presence within homes or buildings can lead to various problems. Squirrels might chew through electrical wires, insulation and structural elements, leading to costly repairs. Their droppings and urine can pose a health risk to occupants.

Call Xpress Pest Control Services today. Our advisors can discuss your problem and arrange a local specialist to visit at a time that suits you.


Trust us to safeguard your property from rodent infestations. We know that each property is unique, and if required we can provide rat and mouse proofing services based on the specific vulnerabilities and requirements of the premises. Our rat and mouse proofing is effective and long-lasting.

You get peace of mind, knowing that your home or business is well-protected against future rodent invasions.

Choosing Xpress Pest Control Services

With local pest controllers available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week*, Xpress Pest Control Services offer a fast response to both planned and emergency pest work. We can provide you with an efficient and effective solution.

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  • Free Quotes and Estimates - Our advisors are here day or night to offer no-obligation advice
  • Fully Qualified Local Specialists – We have a reputation is for professionalism and quality

What Our Customers Say

Wasps Nest

The gentleman arrived and very quickly was able to spot the entry point for the wasp nest. He explained to us all through the process. And very quickly was able to solve the problem. He explained what happens after and what signs to look for. 

Natalie Haydon

Live wasp nest removal

Easy booking with fast and efficient service.

Patricia Houchen

10/10 Service

From the moment I called, Able group were tremendous. My details were professionally taken, and a call-out man was with me the same day. Nick took care of my wasp problem, and they did not return. This was a simple 10/10 service from start to finish.

David Thomas Johnston

Rodent extermination

I was impressed with the prompt, discreet and reliable service. Informative and great guidance was given to me. Problem solved efficiently. Thank you. I will definitely recommend.

Hazel Pritchard

Squirrel traps

Very professional arrived in time and knew his stuff- and got rid of the squirrels!

Andrew Fird

Treated bees next to air vent of house

I’m very happy with the work done, the engineer was very helpful and pleasant and let me know exactly how the problem was treated.


Rats exterminated

Expertly done, nothing too much trouble, enthusiastic, allayed fears. 

Pamela Duesbury

Mice in kitchen cupboard

I would highly recommend as when I called, someone was out within few hours. Very professional and thorough. Came back within the 10 days time frame advised.

Christine Grant

Removal of bees nest in air brick

Excellent service – clear comms, job carried out quickly and no mess left behind. A commitment to come back free of charge if problem returned within 1 week as well!

Sam Bayer

Quick response and dealt with promptly

Someone attended same day, explained everything and checked I was happy before proceeding. Definitely would recommend! 

Emma Moll
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